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When a student undergoes chronic stress or high stress levels, their ability to learn, memorize and post good academic performances can be interfered with regardless of their age or grade. Stress can also make a student experience poor mental, emotional, and physical health. Teachers and parents may help students avoid chronic stress in their lives if they learn about and develop a good understanding of common stressors.

Stress in students may have serious harmful effects and thus needs to be addressed. One of the causes of stress in students is poor sleeping habits. Compared to students who get plenty of sleep, students who do not get enough sleep at night or lack healthy sleeping habits are likely to develop stress. Enough sleep allows the brain and body of a student to relax and recharge.

It also helps in ensuring that the immune system remains strong. It is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation that young people, especially students, should maintain a regular sleep schedule and that they should sleep for between 8. Another major cause of student stress is academic pressure Raju, As teachers prepare students for standardized tests, they give them homework even if the students are as young as six only.

In addition to these homework assignments, there are classroom assignments and term papers that are supposed to be completed and submitted in strict deadlines. The pressure that comes from these assignments coupled with the desire by students to succeed academically culminates into stress. Students also experience pressure to do well in their academic work from those close to them such as family, friends, and even teachers. They therefore feel so much pushed that they even resort to academic dishonesty such as cheating in exams so as to match these high expectations.

Foods that are associated with high stress levels in students include those that have high refined carbohydrates, sugar, caffeine, and fat. This is the case with many types of fast, processed, and convenience foods. Examples of foods that induce stress include French fries, white bread, processed snack foods, candy bars, donuts, energy drinks, and sodas. A healthy stress reducing diet is made up of foods that are high in complex carbohydrates and fiber and low in fat content. Examples of such foods include lean proteins, nuts, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Kumar points out that high stress levels could make students develop physical symptoms that could negatively affect their academic performance.

Stress management can help more students succeed in college (essay)

These signs and symptoms include chest pain, elevated blood pressure, stomach upset, mumbled or rapid speech, nervous habits such as fidgeting, back and neck pains, tremors and trembling of lips, and frequent headaches. When a student experiences these symptoms, they might not feel the motivation they once felt about doing their best on such academic tasks as completing assignments or preparing for tests. Moreover, the symptoms are detrimental to the health of students, a factor which may father make their academic fortunes to dwindle.

Stress also makes students to have poor management skills. A student could become disorganized and uncertain about their priorities and goals as a result of suffering from high levels of stress. This could further make them incapable of effectively budgeting and managing their time. Moreover, highly stressed students have the tendency of procrastinating and neglecting such important responsibilities as meeting deadlines and completing assignments.

This, of course, negatively impacts the quality of their academic work and study skills Hales and Hales, As observed by Patel , high stress levels could further lead to self-defeating thoughts among students. While undergoing stress, it is likely that a student may consistently think about the adversity or negative situation in which they find themselves.

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In addition, they could constantly focus on their weaknesses and failures while ignoring their strengths and achievements. It can either be the stress caused by the pressure during exams or for the case of honor students, the pressure to maintain and improved their grades as mandated by their teachers. Stresses in terms of academics not only brought by competition with others are the possible cause of stress but also by competing to a college students own self and trying to prove to himself that he can pass the subjects that he is taking.

The struggle to cope up with academic stress might lead, as always the case, in sleep deprivation. This is especially through for Freshmen College students who are coping with the lifestyle to get good grades and for graduating students whoa re doing a lot of work and passing terrible amount of requirements. I can say that sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of stress for college students.

Dealing With Homesickness

There is a high probability that it is directly related to the health stress that a college student might have. Also, when deprived of sleep, academic performance may decrease along with the participation in class discussions especially in the case of classes in the early morning. This maybe attributed to the little level of attention or focus that might be given by the student during class.

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Aside from sleep deprivation, one of the major causes of stress for college students is financial problems. In college, it is not only enough that you can compete intellectually and socially but also, you need the resources which will enable you to do it so.


For me, those students who came from poor families are the ones that suffer from this type of stress the most. The feeling of loneliness when a student has no friends or acquaintances and the feeling of looking for a partner in life as pressured by the environment can make a student suffer from stress that can lead to emotional disturbances. Upon knowing the different sources and effects of stress for college students, the next question to be answered is, how does college students relieved themselves of these stresses or one way of stating this would be, how do college students cope up with these kind of stresses?

The first answer that comes in my mind is through the company of their friends. The first thing that a student who has a lot of problems will do is to talk to his friends and consult with them on what to do. Sometimes, the fact that you have friends to depend on during your college life is enough to relieve you of stress.

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For the case of stress brought about by problems in academic performance, many students are looking to other students for help. One such way is that they are joining academic organizations in order to gain access to academic archives that can help them to understand their academics better. This type of stress response mechanism can relieve stress in a lot of ways. The academic support that can be given by the organization to the student, the self belongingness that can result from interacting with other people and the emotional stability that can be brought by that relationship are the major effect that this type of coping can give to a college student.

For the cause of financial problems, some students are looking up to scholarship grants in order for them to support their education. Also, some of them are looking for part time jobs such that the allowance that they can get from their salaries can be used in support of their studies.

Essay on Stress Among College Students

There are those types that study in the morning and are working during night, like in the call centers or fast food restaurants. For the case of stress brought about by the feeling of being alone and being home sick which is experienced mostly by freshmen students, most students relieved themselves of this stress by establishing a good relationship with their dormmates, roommates, and fellow students.

In this way also, they will found self-belongingness in an environment that is new for them. Upon presenting my question about the sources, effects, and response mechanisms on stresses that affect college students and after trying to figure out the answers to these questions by making speculations and hypothesis, I conducted a research to determine the validity of my arguments, upon which, the results are given here in this paper.

In an article by Ross et. The scope of scale that was studied range from inter and intrapersonal up to environmental factors that can cause stress. Their findings revealed that among the top sources of stress for college students of varied gender and age are changes in sleeping and eating habits, type of work and new responsibilities. It was also mentioned in the article that the majority of the college students that are suffering from stress are freshmen as they try to excel academically and at the same time, they try to cope or adjust to their new environment.

Ross et. This is a special case of studying the stress on college students because all the students that are part of the study are employed. In that way, the stress on working college students was determined. It was known that higher stress will result from the jobs that are of highly prone to disease and illnesses. This resulted to their poor ability to cope with their environment in universities. Murphy, From my research, I have known that the major sources of stress are those that come from the environment, from the inner self, physiological self, and the social self.

Environmental source of stress includes noise, traffic, and weather while physiological source of stress includes diseases and lack of sleep.

College Student Opens Up About Depression And Anxiety

On the other hand, inner self sources are those types that depend on how you react or cope with other stresses. Lastly, social self sources include problems about socialization and love life. Upon knowing the sources of stress for college students, its effects on the student were also determined. This includes physical problems like headaches, ulcer in the case of bad eating habits, muscle aches and increase in blood pressure and other illnesses. This includes mood swings, anxiety, depression in which most of the students suffer, and fear.

This includes forgetfulness, repetitive thoughts and concentration problems such that a student finds it hard to focus on one topic without thinking of the other topics.

Students can beat stress by mastering college essay process

The overall response that a student can do is to develop a healthy lifestyle. Even though there is the presence of stress, the way that we react to it will determine what will be its effect to us. Developing a balanced lifestyle will improve health conditions and if you are in good health, you can minimize the effect of stress better as compare to those who are sick.

Another solution is through the discussion with other people. Doing discussions with trusted friends will make a student feel relieved and will lessen the burden of the stress that a student is experiencing. Lastly, specific relaxation techniques will really help a person to relieve himself of stress.

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This includes different practices such as meditation, yoga, and muscle relaxing activities. This paper has presented a deeper and clearer approach to what seems a very big problem of stress.

In conclusion, stress of college students come from various sources with various effects but still, there also various ways of preventing ourselves from suffering in these stresses. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.