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Make sure your conclusion provides a sense of closure for the essay—a sense that some understanding has been reached or a decision made. Audience: Keep your essay at an appropriate level of formality for academic scholarship: use the articles themselves as a model of the authorial tone your finished writing should take. Your actual readers will be me and a few random classmates who may review the final draft for you.

Imagine not only Wells himself, but the critics themselves, reading your work: will they respond positively?


Make sure that both Wells and the critic would agree that you understand what they wrote. Documentation: Use the sample works cited list as a model for how to format your works cited page. For more information consult Gwynn pp; Little Seagull Handbook p. Works Cited Bergonzi, Bernard. Scafella, Frank. PDF file.

Wells, H. The Time Machine.

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Stephen Arata. Norton Critical Editions. New York: Norton, Zamyatin, Yevgeny. Norton, , pp. Bergonzi remarks that yada yada yada Further, he believes that Wells yada yada yada Purchase answer to see full attachment. Tutor Answer. Apr 14th, Top Tutor Robertproffesor. School: University of Virginia. I uploaded your work.

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The Time Machine by HG Wells Paper Paper

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Report abuse. More presentations by Jessica Laurie Untitled Prezi. Mankind, it seems to him, has ceased caring for their world. If this were not disappointing enough, the Time Traveller sees that mankind itself has atrophied. The Eloi people he first encounters are brainless creatures, the result of evolution. They have limited attention spans, like undeveloped children.

The Time Machine

This remnant sample of future man is a great disappointment to the adventurer. Naturally inquisitive himself, he can fathom a people with so little curiosity. The Traveller had hoped to learn from the future but finds himself savvier than the child-like people. Utopia or Dystopia? The human race has always had an interest in striving for more and achieving the next step. However, when the Time Traveller, an eccentric scientist in Victorian England, travels to the future, he is shocked to find mankind in decline. The Time Machine, by H.

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Wells, explores the possibilities of a society that has reached its peak and has nowhere to go but down. At first glance, the world seems to be paradise; however, upon closer inspection, its dystopic qualities emerge. Wells uses several aspects of the futuristic world to demonstrate this: the setting; the Eloi, the human-like creatures that inhabit the world, and the Morlocks, the underground human race.

The Time Traveller, coming from the turn of the 20 th century, reaches his destination at , A. The world of the future appears to be paradise. Lush gardens overflow with beautiful flowers.