Friendship essay kite runner

I treated Hassan well, just like a friend, better even, more like a brother. Hassan regards Amir as his friend and shows it by his unfailing loyalty which is indicative of his awareness of the unequal power in the relationship. However, Hassan never ceases to regard Amir as his friend as his letter confirms.

Friendship in the Kite Runner Essay examples

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Search GO. Like this: Like Loading It is this symbiotic nature between the boys that allows them to win.

The Power of Friendship in the Kite Runner

We won! He admits out loud that they are friends. The kite is the reason Hassan gets raped.

The Kite Runner Analysis- Themes, Motifs, Characters, Historical Context and Narrative Techniques

At the end of the novel we see the kite once more. This time it is again used to reinforce the theme of loyalty and friendship.

The Theme of Friendship in "The Kite Runner" - Free Essay Example by Essaylead

Amir and Sohrab are flying kites together in the park. This is a phrase Hassan once used with Amir, to show Amir the level of his devotion. Amir has now learnt how strong the bond is between himself and his old friend. He repeats this phrase to his nephew but it is also a promise to Hassan that he will raise his son properly. The kite is the tool that will bond Amir and Sohrab and will keep alive the tie between Amir and Hassan.

A third symbol we see in the book is the pomegranate tree which is used to represent the friendship between Amir and Hassan at three points in the plot. Here we see the two boys as equals, they are both rulers of all they purvey. More importantly they are sharing that land too which shows them in a strong partnership together. Here Amir is really angry at himself for not intervening in the rape, he believes that if he makes Hassan hurt him it will make up for not stopping Assef.

Amir can only deal with his guilt at this point by causing himself hurt.

Much more than documents.

Finally we see the pomegranate tree when Amir returns to Kabul and is aware that Hassan is dead and he must rescue Sohrab. He returns to the tree to find it still labelled with the words he and Hassan carved into it twenty-six years before. This tells us that although the tree and Hassan are dead, the survival of the engraving shows their relationship is still alive as Amir has found a way to redeem himself.