Urdu essays for children

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Urdu essays for children

In addition to this, they will open themselves to over lenience in spending money when they have plenty in future. Parents should exercise their authority but it should be under liberty.

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Another fault of parents towards their children is they inspire the spirit of competition among the children which is a cause of future conflicts in the family when they grow up. It is often observed that the Italian makes no dissimilarity among their own children and their nephews. They care for them as much as they do for their own children.

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This can be justified since the nephew sometimes endures a great resemblance to his uncle than their own children. It is the duty of the parents to choose a right profession for their children as soon as possible. They should allow them to go on their own way. Younger children are generally fortunate since they get a strong motivation for the hard work by their elder brothers.

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However, the motivation to hard work declines where the elder brother is disinherited and the young child hopes to get all the beneficiary of wealth from parents. Francis Bacon is one of the world most famous essayists whose work is still considered a work of literary genius. He was a scientist and a lawyer and was therefore well-versed in the matters of objective realities and the methods of arguing and persuasion.

It was the reason why all of his essays are focused on objective realities and have all the qualities of apt persuasion and arguing. His style was unique with short and witty sentences embedded with cannons of knowledge. At the same time, he did not shy from giving other prominent philosophers and scholars due credit in his essays and used their quotes as evidence in his essays.

Of parents and children is the argumentative essay by Francis bacon. In this essay, he argues about the relationship between parents and children along with the pons and cons of having children.

This essay by Francis bacon is comparatively short and focused on a subject-matter which cannot be extended a lot, however, it is loaded with meaning.