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In your conclusion, briefly list your arguments once again to restate your point. By the time the reader has finished looking through your essay, their opinion on the matter should either match yours completely or be noticeably shifted. The structure of a written argumentative essay stems from its objective. Throughout the history of writing argumentative essays, scholars have developed a system for presenting their arguments.

This system is known as the three primary argument strategies: Classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin. Here is a little information on each one. You can follow the traditional essay structure if you choose this strategy. The Toulmin strategy is widely used in debates where the opponents categorically disagree with each other. With the help of carefully selected qualifiers and sound logic, your job is to find the points you and your opponent can agree upon. In most cases it may include gently refuting the possible arguments of your opponents and presenting yours as the more concise ones.

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There is no need to be exceptionally passionate in this part or showing more emotion than in the rest of your paper. Clear and sound logic works better in this case — by methodically presenting your arguments you will create a complete picture and win the virtual debate. The conclusion of your argumentative essay should serve one purpose: to convince your readers once again to adopt your opinion on that matter.

Listing your arguments with support is the most effective way to do it. There is nothing more harmful for the success of your argumentative essay than submitting a beautifully structured and argued work that is riddled with mistakes. Check the spelling and the grammar once again before handing in your essay in and make sure it follows the guidelines given by your professor.

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You could even give several stories in a sentence or two each. Then end with the question: What does suffering do?

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Your answer to the question is your thesis. Both ways can be appropriate. What is most important is that you don't just "drop" the quote on the audience and expect them to understand the point and relevance of your quotation. Use the quotation to make a point and explain why you are using it. You can bring your reader into your argument by stating questions that your reader might have and then answering those questions.

You also bring the reader in by having vivid, interesting examples and stories. Finally, you can bring your reader into the argument by giving real-life examples that would make the reader think your ideas are relevant and interesting. How do I write a topic sentence for an argumentative essay on the subject "Year Round vs. Traditional Schooling"? How do I start an argumentative essay with the topic "Parents are to be blamed for human trafficking in children? Start by formulating a question which has more than one answer. Your statement above would be one of the possible answers.

Possible questions would be:. Then start your essay with a story of a child real or imagined who is trafficked by their parents. Next tell the statistics of trafficking of children. End that first paragraph or it might take 2 paragraphs depending on how much information you have with the question above. The next paragraph should tell some of the possible answers that other people might give, and then tell your answer in a sentence something like this:.

How do I start an argumentative essay titled "juvenile offenders should be given a second chance"?

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Begin with the story of a juvenile who has realized what he did was wrong and turned his life around in jail but still faces a long prison term. Then give percentages of young people who are incarcerated. It would be helpful if you chose a real-life story and if that person was released and turned out to be a productive citizen because you can then use that real story as the conclusion of your essay to persuade the audience that they should agree with you.

You can start with a conversation between an older person and a younger person. The older person could bemoan the fact that the hut houses are fading and the younger person could be asking what it was like before. Then you could end with your question and your thesis. Start with a thesis question and then your answer to that question will be the thesis that guides your paper. Your reasons for that answer are the topic sentences that form the body of the paper. Here are some thesis questions on your topic of identity and culture:.

I love this question because I had Olympic runner Trayvon Bromell in my class a few years ago and he wrote an essay about Nike shoes being the best he was endorsing Nike at that time. He so convinced me that I switched from my New Balance to Nike shoes. A few months later, I began having foot pain.

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It took a while for me to realize the shoes were the cause. I went back to the same NB model I'd been wearing since and the pain eventually went away.

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  6. Later, I found out that Trayvon had switched to endorsing NB! If I were writing an essay on this topic, I would probably start with a story about what convinced me to buy those new shoes, or how I imagined those shoes would enhance my life! I always suggest that people start an essay with something that illustrates the topic vividly and gets the reader interested. So you can start an essay with a real-life story, something from the news, an example you made up, a conversation or even interesting statistics and questions.

    I learned that in every argumentative essay, you begin by opening up the topic. How do we open up a topic in an argumentative essay? You open up a topic by giving an example such as a story, a real-life situation, a conversation about the issue, a vivid description of the problem, statistics about the issue, or a personal example. You start a thesis by asking a question. On gun control, you can ask any of the following:. Once you have the question you want to ask, you write the thesis by answering that question. How can I write an argument essay on the topic "Should shark netting be used on coastal beaches?

    Start with the recent shark sightings and attack on the East Coast of the U. Give a vivid description and talk about how this has made people feel about the situation. Then end the first paragraph with your question.

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    The rest of the article should be the answer to that question. How do I start an argumentative essay on indigenous writing and how it can help develop indigenous sovereignty? The best way to start an argumentative essay that proposes to suggest a solution, such as the idea of promoting indigenous writing to create political change, is to give a story about how that can happen or to give a story about the problem.

    Adding some facts or statistics to that is also helpful to show the scope of the problem. First of all, you need to turn the topic idea into a question that can be answered in more than one way. Then your answer to the question will be the thesis of your argument essay. The reasons for that answer are your topic sentences. How can we solve the problem of the ubiquitous beauty of social media also being a blight?

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    Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hi Anna- if you have an opinion on that topic, then you have an "argument. If everyone agrees on a topic, then it really isn't a good one to do an essay about. For example, the topic: "There are more people living in China than in the U.