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But many people with curious, lazy, or slow-poke dogs have found the exact opposite to be true. Many are happy to stay indoors. They exercise on their own. Cats typically give guests some space. Planning to have friends over for dinner or to invite houseguests for the weekend? In fact, many cats just hide when new people arrive. Once a cat has determined the newcomers are safe, he might come out to say hello. Many dogs bark incessantly. And very, very few dogs will never bark at all. Cats do vocalize, of course, especially to get their humans to feed them, scratch their heads, or give them the catnip toy they want.

Cats are basically silent in feral colonies but make plenty of noises when they live with humans. Cats know how to work the camera. Sure, everyone knows cats do some pretty adorable things for the countless photos and videos people share on the internet. But most pet owners probably assume dogs do better on camera, thanks to the wide array of dog-centric movies. But that might not actually be the case.

Top 10 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Dogs

Many dogs need lots of attention from their humans. Cats, on the other hand, are a lot more independent. Most want occasional cuddles.

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And they do need you to set out their food and clean the litter box. Cats can handle their own problems. We all love having an affectionate animal. But dog owners with pups who cling and cower during a thunderstorm will probably tell you they wish their dogs could become a little more adept at feeling safe and secure. Cat brains are complex. Dog lovers argue their pets are smarter than cats. Cat cognition is much harder to study than dog intelligence. However, early results are promising. Japanese researchers determined cats performed just as well as dogs on memory tests — and might be just as intelligent.

Cats also have longer-lasting memories than dogs and can solve harder cognitive problems than dogs — if they feel like it. Felines potentially love humans more than canines. The research that asserts as much is hardly definitive. That makes it surprising their oxytocin levels went up at all. Plus, another group of researchers determined cats prefer human interaction to food. People love their mysterious feline friends. Perhaps the most basic reason why? They need little training.

Plus, they groom themselves.

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They can also be left alone without major anxiety for pet or owner. Plus you also have other things you should worry about like what you can and cannot feed your dogs and cats. Yep there are tons of other facts and other things you need to account for when getting a pet.

20 Ways Cats Are Better Than Dogs

But since I am not good with information I will let you look this up. So please if you need more help decide go to your local library or look it up online. I hope you had seen some interesting facts about dogs and cats.

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Dogs vs Cats Compare and Contrast Essay

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