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Depending on your performance, your tutor can use order of difficulty to choose the pacing and test-taking strategies that will help you achieve your highest possible score.

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Check out our blog for new posts about preparing for the SAT. Below are a few posts you may find useful. So how should you determine you target score? Is there anything else you can do? Suite Beverly Hills, CA contact latutors LA Tutors is a premier test preparation, academic consultation, and private tutoring company in Los Angeles.

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Reading 52 standard multiple-choice Writing 44 standard multiple-choice. The essay is scored in three categories: Reading, Analysis, and Writing Each category is scored from These scores reflect your performance, categorized by the context of each question Questions may span different test sections. These 7 subscores will tell you how you did on specific question types or content. This was the real goal of the task: to increase your determination, strength, patience, endurance and effort.

From this story we can recognize some of the benefits of coming up against challenges and tests. While we all encounter difficulties in our lives, students live lives full of challenges and tests.

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Students are constantly pushed to move beyond their current abilities not only in the many subjects they study, but in their time management, organization and oral and written communication as well. Some students feel the challenge of stretching their understanding on a daily basis, others only go through periods of difficulty or disruption in their study, but the fact is that all students, even the brightest, are tested.

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Are there any schools without exams? Parents, teachers, schools and agencies provide a background of support in the forms of encouragement, food, housing, transportation, supplies, opportunities, instruction and the benefit of their experience. Basically, the many types of challenges and tests students face can be boiled down into four categories:.

External Examinations — These are challenges that come to us from the outside, like tests and quizzes given by teachers. We need tests to help recognize our level.

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Even students who fail are helped by tests since they can then realize their shortcomings. We only really realize our ability, habits and shortcomings after tests.

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Tests help us to prove our level of understanding. We need to learn to be our own masters: stable and unaffected by the outside environment. This means accepting tests with willingness and an open mind. For students, self-examinations often arise when we are challenged on a personal level by something at school. It could be that a topic or type of assignment is especially difficult or it may be something interpersonal like a challenge with a teacher or fellow student.

What I mean is that not everyone reacts in the same way to the same situation. For example, when students are given the same assignment or lecture, some will find it easy while others may find it to be extremely challenging. Our responses to these self-examinations determine how they go.

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For example, if a student has trouble with a topic or a teacher, she may respond by not doing her homework. In this way, she is creating a test for herself. One result will obviously be lower marks. Over time, other results may be: falling behind; feeling overwhelmed in class; feeling nervous about falling behind; feeling frustrated when trying to keep up; feeling guilty and embarrassed in front of self, parents and classmates; and wanting to avoid these uncomfortable feelings.

How we move through self-examinations depends on our self-understanding and what support is available.

When facing difficulties of this type, we need to reflect upon ourselves to see what we could be doing differently and how we may be getting in our own way. Most important is to learn from our experience and gain wisdom. In this case, things may not be easy and we need to set a firm determination to continue.

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Eventually, situations change. This type of examination helps to build our patience and our self-confidence. Watching ourselves continue to work hard, even under difficult conditions, is inspiring and will be a good memory for us in the future when we again encounter difficulties.

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There is no shortcut. We need to move step-by-step with effort and courage.