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Search for class grades to show the results of specified assignments. For each assignment, the grade for each student is displayed. You can search for class grades for just the current class or including any child classes. After performing a search, you can change the options in View Panel and refresh the view without performing another search. You can export any generated table of grades to a file by clicking Export to CSV. Comma-delimited CSV format can be opened in a variety of applications for example, Microsoft Excel and can easily be imported into many third-party gradebook programs.

From the Class Grades, click the name of an assignment or lesson to access grades. This lets you view the question-by-question scores. The grade for each question or question group for each student is displayed.

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The name of the assignment. Click this link to collapse the details view. The total number of assignments taken by students. This number might be greater than the number of students if the assignment allows for multiple submissions of work. Click this link to view a histogram of the assignment results. The histogram opens in a new window. Note for assignments and lessons, a lesson completion symbol is shown to indicate the progress of the student through the lesson or assignment.

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When completion requires a particular grade, that grade is shown along with the completion indicator. When completion does not require a particular grade, the completion indicator is all that is shown. After performing a basic gradebook search, you can click the name of a student to access the grades for that student. The student record report first shows a summary for the student, including the number of completed, in progress, and passed assignments or lessons for the student, along with the number that need to be reviewed.

For each assignment or lesson, the student score and total points are shown. You can opt to show all results, or just the best, average, most recent, or earliest.

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For all of these except average, additional information for each session includes the session's start and end times and duration of the assignment. You can click the Details link for any assignment to access the student assignment details. The icon appears beside the Details link if there are ungraded essay questions that need your attention. After performing a basic gradebook search, you can click any grade in the search results to view the detailed results for that attempt. The student details report shows a summary of the results for this assignment or lesson attempt, including the student's score out of the total points, the session start and end times and duration.

A summary for student is also shown, with the number of completed, in progress, and passed assignments and lessons for the student, along with the number that need to be reviewed. As you change grades, keep in mind the total and passing scores you have set for the assignment or lesson. To change a student's grades:.

Table View a history of the question's grade changes together with the accompanying notes. Information is also provided on whether a question is fully graded, the grade as been overwritten, or parts are ungraded. Ungraded questions are also indicated with the not graded symbol,. You can add a comment for a student on an individual question. Students see the feedback when they review their performance on the test.

You can add personalized feedback to help individual students understand their score and master the material. To add feedback to graded questions. Students will see this feedback when they review their performance on the test. You can add personalized feedback to help individual students understand their scores and master the material.

Note: The feedback you enter in this way are sent to individual students, and not provided as a part of question feedback. To enter question-level feedback even response-specific feedback for multiple choice items , you must use the Question Editor. Configuring Feedback Options. Essay questions are not graded automatically by the system. You must assign a grade in the Gradebook. Important: Be sure to search for assignments that need To Be Reviewed. The gradebook offers flexible options for marking and grading students' responses to essays.

Notes: 1. These features only apply to Essay type questions. There are two ways to specify a grade for the essay question: using graded annotations partial credit , or giving a grade for the entire essay question.

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Annotations, keywords, and highlighting are used to give feedback but not connected to partial credit. The Essay Annotation palette provides a collection of essay correction symbols. You can customize the palette to suit your needs. To read a descriptions for each annotation symbol, hover your mouse over the annotation symbol. A description is shown at the top of the Essay Annotations palette. You can add any number of annotations anywhere in a student's essay, by dragging a symbol from the Essay Annotations palette on to the student's essay.

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  4. To add annotations to an essay:. Students will see these annotations when they review their grade on their essay. To remove annotations from an essay:.

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    To create an essay annotation symbol:. To remove an essay annotation symbol:. You can define keywords and synonyms when authoring the essay question. You can also add keywords and synonyms during the grading process. Any keyword or synonym in a student's essay will be automatically highlighted. You can also manually highlight selections in a student essay. To define keywords and synonyms during question authoring, see Essay Questions. If you did not define keywords during question authoring, or if you want to add additional keywords and synonyms while reviewing the students' responses, you can. To define keywords and synonyms from the gradebook:.

    To highlight a portion of the student's response:. You can give partial credit by adding graded annotations anywhere in a student's essay. Optionally, you can add a comment to the graded annotation. When a student hovers over the annotated text they can see the grade and comment.