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The writer argues that the Elizabethan cultural background necessarily informs and shapes the meaning of the play because Shakespeare would naturally have written within his own cultural framework. This examination of Othello explores this thesis and, in so doing, A 4 page essay that discusses the significance of the handkerchief in Shakespeare's Othello. In the history of the theater, the argument can easily be made that there has never been a prop as instrumental to the substance of a play as Desdemona's handkerchief is to the action of Shakespeare's Othello.

This prop becomes symbolic A 4 page essay that examines the various methods that Iago uses to poison Othello mind against Desdemona in Shakespeare's Othello.

Essay about A Feminist Analysis of Othello

The writer argues that a psychological perspective is illuminating in studying this aspect of the play. Bibliography lists 3 sources. A 5 page essay that examines how Shakespeare's Othello fits Aristotle's description of the ideal tragic hero. Othello is a virtuous man -- an outstanding, brave soldier -- who is deeply in love with his wife. However, Othello also has human frailties.

It is because Othello allows Iago to bring these frailties to the forefront A 5 page paper which examines the role of women in Shakespeare's "Othello. A 5 page analysis of Shakespeare's 'Othello,' in which the writer examines the way in which Iago corrupts and destroys the love of Othello and Desdemona. The writer argues that Iago convinces Othello of Desdemona's betrayal by reconstructing reality and thereby distorting Othello's perception.

A 6 page paper which first defines tragedy and demonstrates how Shakespeare's Othello fits the pattern, then looks at the play in terms of its classic dramatic structure. After discussing what type of action belongs in each phase of the dramatic structure -- setup, complication, climax, and resolution -- the paper shows where these occur A 5 page paper which examines how Othello by William Shakespeare is an outsider.

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Essays and Research Papers on Othello. Select a paper below to view details. With the exception of Ira Aldridge, a black actor who portrayed Othello throughout northern Europe in the 19th century, the role was taken by white actors in various shades of make-up until the African-American actor Paul Robeson undertook the role in London and New York When Paul Robeson played Othello in New York in , it ran for performances — still the longest Shakespearean run in Broadway history.

Feminist critics highlight the ways Shakespeare portrays gender roles. Still, she honours the patriarchal dictum that, once married, the wife owes her husband the same respect and duty she had shown her father. At the same time, romances, poems and plays often countered patriarchal authority in favour of romantic love. If Othello ended after Act 1, it would be, as many commentators have observed, a romantic comedy.

Infidelity was the ultimate marital crime in early modern England. Say they slack their duties, And pour our treasures into foreign laps, Or else break out in peevish jealousies, Throwing restraint upon us; or say they strike us, Or scant of former having in despite —.

Yet have we some revenge.

The Duke and aristocratic members of the Venetian Senate give orders to Othello, who in turn commands his Lieutenant Cassio. Ensign Iago is subordinate to both. All three ostensibly serve out of loyalty to the state and for the status their military position brings, but they can be dismissed at the pleasure of their superiors.

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After the allegation from his best friend Iago, Othello doesn't take any time to ponder what could possibly be the truth. The fact that he does not go to Desdemona and confront her about her actions forms her silhouette into that of a whore, something Othello always had to have a belief in or suspicion of. This ironically makes the marriage fraudulent; why marry a woman you so readily believe to be a whore?

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Perhaps the strongest resemblance of anti-woman characteristics is the marriage of Emilia and Iago. Early on, Iago spews his negatives thoughts about women, even aiming them at his own beloved Emilia. Automatically, Emilia is thrown sympathy for her suffering, which leaves her at the disadvantage of looking weak.

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Also, Iago's unproven belief that Emilia cheated on him with Othello, leading to his hate towards the soldier, leaves Emilia suffering as the victim. In this way, he is like Othello, having no heed of proof or desire to find it. The final actions at the very end of the play without a doubt define the true nature of a woman, which is not weak and unfaithful, but strong and brave. While Iago's plans unfold completely in his favor with the despair of Othello and death of Desdemona, his wife is the one to bring the truth to light.