Argumentative essay examination should be abolished

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Exams are the test that examine what a student has learned in the entire year and mark them accordingly. So, one should be prepared to face such exams, as in the life- named examination, one has to pass through various trials and tribulations of life. Exams facilitate and motivate students to learn in a healthy environment.

There are confident, self-assured and enthusiastic students who look forward to examination. But in my opinion, exam still plays a crucial role in school. First of all, exam requires students to review what they have studied.

If they only listen to their teacher in class and do not have to take exam, they will not pay much attention to the lesson and hence the efforts of teacher went down the drain. On the other hand, standardized exams are getting more accurate, reflecting well the progress made by the student and giving better comparisons between students.

Therefore students are demanded to learn and revise subjects in order to get good grades, as a result they learn wider and deeper towards the subjects. Second, in this information age, pressure is a constant problem.

Debate Topic: Should schools require students to wear uniforms?

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Task 2: The advantages and disadvantages of examinations

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