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Pakistanis wave the national flag and sing patriotic songs at a ceremony to celebrate their country's 70th Independence Day at the mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi. Pakistanis celebrate the 70th anniversary of statehood and independence from British colonial rule in A Pakistani vendor paints the colours of the national flag on a girl's face celebrating Independence Day in Rawalpindi.

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Pakistani Air Force fighter jets demonstrate aerobatic manoeuvres during an air show to celebrate the country's 70th Independence Day in Islamabad. A man on a motorbike holds a national flag as he watches an air show to celebrate the Independence. India-Pakistan Partition Pakistan Asia. Have your say. It was the 14 th of August when the Muslims of the subcontinent were able to get a land of their own, where they could live life according to their religion.

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Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was a man of great caliber and had the belief that Muslims could only live happily when they would own a country led by their own people and a country that would be according to the ideology of Islam. The Muslims of the subcontinent gave many sacrifices for several years as they were not allowed to practice their own religion with freedom as they were the minority. However, the efforts made by people like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan made sure that their sacrifices did not go in vain and they were able to provide the Muslims an independent homeland.

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Independency day for any country is like a festival and the people of Pakistan celebrate this festival with enthusiasm and joy. They unite together under the green and white flag of Pakistan and rejoice their happiness with friends and family. Being Muslims we have our own values, traditions and religion.

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We Muslims celebrate this day with complete satisfaction and pleasure of being in a separate region where we enjoy freedom of living in every way. Pakistan is a democratic parliamentary federal Islamic republic state. The day is a national holiday in Pakistan and is celebrated all over the country with flag raising ceremonies, tributes to the national heroes and fireworks taking place in the capital, Islamabad. President and prime minister delivers speeches and in the speech, the leaders highlight the achievements of the government, goals set for the future and in the words of the father of the nation, Quaid-i-Azam, bring "Unity, Faith and Discipline" to its people.

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Day starts with flag raising ceremonies in the Capital city Islamabad and so in all major cities in Pakistan. Allama Iqbal, with his enthusiastic poetry, motivated Muslims to think and earn their own nationality and name in the world. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, brought Muslim nation forward and made schools and colleges for Muslims so that they may come to know how to fulfill the latest demands of the advance age.

People gave sacrifices of their lives for independence because they could not follow Islam independently and could not perform their religious duties properly in sub — continent. They were punished or disturbed when they perform their religious duties. It offended Muslims but as they were weak nation, they could not do anything.

Pakistan came into being after the sacrifices of countless lives. Many of our ancestors lost their lives only for the freedom of their imminent generations, for the sake of independent land where all the Muslims can offer their religious duties with their own wish and freedom. As citizens of free Pakistan, we must reflect on the values and principles which were in the minds and hearts of those who fought and sacrificed for our freedom. They portrayed inspiration from the values nurtured in the country through ages.

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Now we are living as an independent nation, which is enjoying all the beauties, charismas of their own homeland. We should work whole heartedly and with complete devotion for the development of our beloved homeland, we should not forget the sacrifices of our ancestors and national leaders whole made this land happen as an unrestricted territory for us to live. We should not compromise on our integrity and would not let our freedom and integrity being used by other dominant powers in the world.

At this independent day let we rethink about our plans, our actions and their outcomes.