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Act as a tribunal on matters of conflict and issues raised by the students and faculty members that may affect the quality and integrity academic research exercise of the university. Release certificate of originality and completion as significant requisites for the promotion of students.

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Supervise the College Research Coordinators on matters pertaining to the systems and processes of executing undergraduate research. Coordinate with the Dean of the College on matters pertaining to the systems and processes of executing undergraduate research. Coordinate with the members of the College Research Committee on matters pertaining to the schedule of thesis defense, defense fees, defense panel report, etc.

Supervise and oversee the proceedings of the Undergraduate thesis. Prepares the master schedule of the undergraduate thesis defense.

Schedule a twice a month meeting of the College Research Committee 8. Presides over the meeting of the College Research Committee 9. Act as chair of the all the sub-committees under the college research committee 4. Duties and responsibilities of the Research Coordinator: 1. Supervise and monitor the undergraduate research proceedings and other related activities that may affect the undergraduate thesis of the students.

How To Defend Your Thesis? Top 10 Tips For Success

Recommends to the college research committee the candidates for membership to the pool of advisers, editors, panelists and statisticians. Coordinate with the Chair of the College Research Committee on matters pertaining to the schedule of thesis defense, defense fees, defense panel report, etc. Submit reports of the college research activities to the Chair of the College Research Committee 6. Consolidate the grades of the students in the thesis defense and submit them to the Dean of the college. Supervise in the preparation of the defense panel report in every thesis defense. Request for the honorarium of the research personnel adviser, panelist, statistician, etc.

The oral defense will proceed as scheduled.

Honors Thesis

All groups are required to use PowerPoint and Multimedia for their presentations. To ensure that multimedia devices are available during your defense schedule, please reserve a day ahead. The minute grace period should be enough for the preparation and setting up of equipment. For men, slacks, long sleeve with necktie, and leather shoes. For ladies, skirt, slacks blouse with or without blazers and leather shoes. Please make sure to wear nametags to facilitate grading of the panelist.

The duration for the entire exercise is for one hour only exclusive of setup time. The breakdown of which is as follows: Presentation 15 minutes Interpellation, Question and Answer 45 minutes 4. For consistency among groups, the following parts of the thesis should be discussed or presented within the 15 minute period: a. Proposal Defense: i. Brief introduction ii. Statement of the Problem iii. Methodology b. Final Defense: i. Brief Introduction ii. Results and Discussion iv. Conclusions and Recommendations 5. However, this does not mean that the group will not put emphasis on other parts of the thesis not mentioned in this section.

The Adviser shall briefly introduce the students and their thesis topic to the panelists 2. The Chair of the Panel shall give the students the go signal to start the defense. This type of thesis should investigate and analyze some new problem, or approach a problem in a novel way.


Examples include proofs, novel series of calculations, or mathematical and computer-based models of natural phenomena. It should not, however, be simply a review of the work of others; it's not a term paper or a book report, but a piece of original analysis that improves in some way on what was previously done. Empirical: Empirical theses are common in all fields of science. This type of thesis is based on original research and data collection to address an original scientific question.

The data collected can be experimental collected in a controlled laboratory setting , historical, or literature-based surveys of data from the results of others' research. Meta-analyses, based on the results of others, are acceptable, but must be pursued with a novel question in mind. Each year during Clark Honors College graduation ceremonies, we celebrate exceptional theses that were both well written and presented at the highest level in the oral defense.

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A selection of these are highlighted below. For complete step-by-step guidelines, current students should see the Thesis section on the Robert D. Applications are due by pm. Applications received by the below deadlines will be considered for fund disbursement the following term:. Elizabeth is here as a research specialist to answer any questions regarding the library or your research projects, as well as to connect you with other research specialists and library services. Links to an external site. She holds a B. Miriam provides administrative and technical support on benchmarks and protocols as you progress through the academic and thesis process towards graduation.

She believes in the importance of a liberal arts education and is committed to your student success. When you are ready to begin the thesis process, Miriam is your guide. P: F: Google Tag Manager. Apply Visit Give Navigation. Main menu Why CHC? The thesis embodies the defining characteristics of a Clark Honors College education:.

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Undergraduate Thesis Defense Slides 1. Marie, MI 2. A quadrant was selected at random. All gametophytes were counted and sexed in that quadrant.

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Obtained numbers were multiplied by 4 for a final estimate. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.